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    Stellenangebote Vancouver Kanada: Jobsuche Stellenmarkt www.jobsuche-international.de

    Jobsuche Vancouver in Kanada Stellenmarkt für Stellenanzeigen. Kostenlos Stellenangebote Vancouver und Stellengesuche in Vancouver.

    Auf www.Jobsuche-International.de können Sie kostenlos Stellenanzeigen für Vancouver Kanada aufgeben.

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    Alle Stellenanzeigen Stellenangebote und Jobsuche in Vancouver

    18.04.2011 Jobsuche Vancouver .
    Actually I am studying at the Eckert - Academy in Bavaria up to the 29.07.2011 with the final goal to become the bachelor of business economist.
    In order to continue my career development, I am interested in exploring new employment opportunities.
    My reason for applying for a job with you is the nice location of your hotel together with the social environment.
    I was working as a head cook and head manager at Lurchi's Lunch House (1400 m² Cafeteria) in Kornwestheim, Germany.
    My former job responsibilities included menu planning (daily Monday - Friday with volume of about 270-350 meals/day), purchasing, monthly inventory, personnel administration, and general management.  I was also responsible for compliance with health and safety regulations and quality management (ISO9000 & ISO9001/2008).
    Additionally, I handled our banquet business (700 m² with up to 6 rooms and a capacity of 250 place settings) including managing the banquet planning in coordination with our organizational customers.
    I have also benefited from previous experience working abroad; Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Venezuela, Spain, Bali, the Maldives, and Egypt.

    I believe that my self-motivation and business sense gained through experience are key features that allow me to succeed in the hotellerie.
    On the long run, meaning a couple of years, I want to take on increasing responsibilities with the final goal of being a General Manager.
    Should you be interested in my experience and skills, I would welcome the chance to discuss my qualifications with you in greater detail at your convenience.
    Thank you very much for your time and with the best regards,
    Wolf M. Reich
    Email: wolf-m.reichgmx.de

    Registered Geriatric Nurse is looking for a Position at an Elderly Nursing Home or Resident in Vancouver Canada.
    I am a 46 year old Registered Geriatric Nurse in Germany and i am looking for a Position at an Elderly Nursing Home or Resident.
    Iam recently working in a Christian Elderly Home .
    I am experianced with the Alzheimer Type ,Parkinson and Demencia .
    Also i am responsible in Teaching and Supervising Geriatric Nursing Students .
    My english is very good as i have lived in the past in England and the US .I am married with 3 Children ,all grown but one still at home .
    Email: Nicht mehr aktuell

    I´m looking for a bricklayer job in Vancoucer Canada
    My name is Michael and I´m 36 yeara old. I´m not a bricklayer-journeyman, but I work like it since 10 years, very successfull.Ì´m married,with a 11 year old son. My english is not so well, but I´m sure it will improve during my stay in Kanada. i hope, to hear from you soon.
    Thank you
    Michel Zens
    Email: Nicht mehr aktuell

    Vancouver - Canada.
    As a chemist working for over 12 years in the IT industry (programming, supporting and in the end selling)
    I am looking for a job where I can combine my knowledge of my chemistry study and the experiences of the IT work afterwards.
    I am 42 years old, male, mobile and living in the north of germany.
    If you are interested I would be pleased to send you my vitae.
    Email: Nicht mehr aktuell

    im a 34 years old care nurse with 10years praktice.
    I also did work as saler and in service.
    I would like to change the place im living cause i want to get some new inspirience about my work.
    E-mail: Nicht mehr aktuell

    F&B Manager will come to Canada
    Hello, i am a F&B Manager and i works over 10 years in this position.
    I Works now in Switzerland and bevor in Germany.
    Now i will come to Canada to work and better learn the Languege.
    When you have a interest Job for me than contact me under my E-mail adress.
    Thank you
    E-Mail: Nicht mehr aktuell

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